Global Sound Movement To Put On Interactive Exhibition At The Magazine Studio Theatre in Gibraltar

Next week the Global Sound Movement (GSM) will be putting on an interactive exhibition in collaboration with GAMPA (Gibraltar Academy of Performing Arts) called ‘Hidden Melodies’ at The Magazine Studio Theatre.

The event will take place 25th – 28th February. 

The Global Sound Movement is an international research project based at the University of Central Lancashire.

GSM came to Gibraltar in 2017 with 10 students from the University of Central Lancashire and completed over 300 recordings.

A spokesperson for the Global Sound Movement said: “Hidden Melodies presents the unique sounds and music hidden inside the Rock itself within the stalactites and stalagmites of lower St. Michael’s Cave. GSM captured these incredible sounds along with multiple environmental recordings and the reverb convolution of many other tunnels and caves within the Rock.

“Hundreds of Stalactites have formed over the past millennia within the caves and chasms of the Rock of Gibraltar. Each are a different size and each uniquely resonate. The GSM have made these into a ‘lithophone’ – a musical instrument made from natural stone or rock. 

“This exhibition showcases different sounds of the Rock of Gibraltar, allowing the audience to compose music with the Stalactites and Stalagmites of Lower St Michael’s Cave, and sonically place them in and around different parts of the Rock itself.

“Through this installation it will be possible to hear how this unique instrument would sound if played in the World War 2 Tunnels, or even in Moorish Castle.”

For more information please visit their website WWW.GLOBALSOUNDMOVEMENT.COM/GIBRALTAR

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