Insite 2019 Symposium: How can visual practise(s) play a critical role in the contemporary world

Wednesday 20th November

Creative Innovation Zone, Media Factory

Hosted by The Critical Lens Research Group

Keynote Speakers include;
Liz Wells, Professor in Photographic Culture, University of Plymouth
Professor Tom Hall, Head of Social Sciences, Cardiff University Professor of Photography, David Bate, University of Westminster

Insite: is a one day, cross-disciplinarily symposium that will explore ideas of how we conceptualise contemporary spaces and negotiate their depiction. Bringing together a range of perspectives the event will unpack how to how visual practice(s) play a critical role in the contemporary world and identity frameworks and methods to consider how this can be done. 

Insite is part of Critical Lens, a contemporary platform for critical debate in arts and the academy co-convened by John Van Aitken and Dr Gary Bratchford. 

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Folk Horror in the Arts

Saturday 23 November – 10:00-17:00

Creative Innovation Zone, Media Factory

Full running order TBA

THE ART SCHOOL GALLERY – Can the university gallery function as a site of radical and experimental exhibitionary practisce?

Saturday 23 November – 10:00-17:00

Hanover Project, Hanover Building

Keynote Speakers;
Prof. Andrew Hunt (MMU)
Melanie Pocock (ICA Singapore) 

This symposium examines the function of art school galleries, and opportunities they offer artists and curators to develop critical and experimental projects at a time when such opportunities appear limited in the wider public sector.  

Women in Games Careers Conference

Saturday 23 November – 10:00-14:00

The Atrium

Keynote Speakers include;
Catherine Woolley, Senior Game Designer, Media Molecule
Veronica Heath, Talent Ambassador, Rare
Saija Wintersun, Senior Artist, Rebellion
Sarah Akers Technical VFX Artist, Lucid Games
Katie Clague Gameplay Artist TT Games
Naomi Robinson, Freelance Artist

A look behind the door of games design careers: Developed by the University of Central Lancashire BA (Hons) and MA Games Design courses in collaboration with industry professionals.

When deciding on career paths, games can often be overshadowed by more traditional subjects, yet it is this growing industry which has the facility to offer inspiring, creative, diverse and rewarding careers.   Within the inaugural Women in Games Careers Conference we will be celebrating the achievements of trail blazing women within the industry and generating a more visible career pathway for young people wishing to become part of this dynamic and creative industry.

Saija Wintersun, Senior Artist, Rebellion
Saija has always had a love for creating things beyond the limitations of real world. With a fine art background and a BA (Hons) in Games Design, she has been doing exactly that for the past 6 years. She is currently doing her dream job as a senior environment artist at Rebellion, working on an unnannouced project. Her past published games include Sniper Elite 3 and 4 with DLCs, Zombie Army Trilogy and Zombie Army 4.

Sarah Akers VFX Artist Lucid Games
Sarah moved into VFX after discovering a love for combining technical skills with art. Since working at Lucid Games, she has worked on shaders, particle effects and animations for the vehicle based multiplayer game ‘Switchblade’ and a AAA unannounced title. Sarah previously worked on VR games ‘Bloody Zombies’ and ‘Border Patrol’ at Paw Print Games as environment artist and art lead.

Naomi Robinson Freelance Artist Naomi Robinson is a freelance artist based in the North West of England who has been working in the board game industry for the past 5 years. She has illustrated for a range of board games, including the continuing successful series ‘Tiny Epic’ from Gamelyn Games to more niche games such as ‘Kanban’ for Stronghold Games. She has recently also branched out into RPG books creating more traditional book illustration. Illustrating specifically for ‘Lord of the Rings’ titles, ‘Glorantha’ books and more recently ‘Runequest’.

Catherine Woolley Game Designer Media Molecule
Catherine is a Designer at Media Molecule working on the PS4 game, Dreams. Dreams is a platform, currently available in Early Access, that allows players to create, share and play games made by the community. Catherine has been working as a games designer for over a decade, previously having worked at The Chinese Room and on BAFTA Award-winning Alien: Isolation while at Creative Assembly. Prior to Creative Assembly, Catherine worked at Electronic Arts Bright Light where she started her career working on interactive books for children on the Nintendo DS. Catherine enjoys encouraging children, students, and adults to get involved in the games industry by helping as a STEM Ambassador, speaking at universities and events and volunteering her time to BAFTA. Her favourite BAFTA cause – the Young Game Designer competition – supports the next generation of young games creators and the future of the industry.